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Lees, J., & Gino, F. (2017). Is the moral domain unique? A social influence perspective for the study of moral cognition. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 11(8), e12327. [PDF] [Altmetric] [DOI]

Lees, J., & Cikara, M. (2019). Inaccurate group meta-perceptions drive negative out-group attributions in competitive contexts. Nature Human Behaviour. [Preprint] [Data+Materials] [Altmetric] [DOI]

-Select Press Coverage: NPR, HBS Working Knowledge, El País (Spanish)

Working Papers

Lees, J. A registered report examining whether implicit attitudes affect the accuracy of social judgment. Working Paper.

Lees, J. Moral prospection: Cognitive bias and the failure to predict moral backlash toward an organization. Working Paper.

Lees, J., Sidanius, J., & Tang, S. Anti-egalitarians perceive corporations as less agentic and judge their misconduct less harshly. Working Paper.

Lees, J., Young, L., & Waytz, A. Moral mind reading: The accuracy of meta-perception and motive attribution in contexts of immoral behavior. Working Paper. [Materials]

Apfelbaum, E.P., & Lees, J. Threat matching: A model for tailoring diversity approaches to context. Working Paper.  

Work in Progress

Lees, J. Using big data to estimate inaccuracy in social responsibility judgments related to ESG investing. In Progress.

Lees, J., DeCelles, K., & Gino, F. Anthropomorphized stores are robbed more. In Progress[Materials]

Fernandes, C., Lees, J., & Gino, F. Moral decision-making in groups. In Progress. [Materials]

Gonsalves, L., & Lees, J. Do performance metrics reduce evaluator bias? A commensuration theory of discrimination. In Progress.

Note: Electronic versions of published papers are provided as a professional courtesy to ensure timely dissemination of academic work for individual, noncommercial purposes. Copyright (and all rights therein) resides with the respective copyright holders, as stated within each paper. These files may not be reposted without permission.